52 Battersea Street
New Zealand
P.O Box 7055, Christchurch
Telephone:(03) 365-6412
Facsimile:(03) 377-3266
Email: sydenham.law@actrix.co.nz

Firm History

The Firm began in February 1985 when husband and wife Partners Andrew & Juenith McIntosh began practicing together. It was one of the first suburban legal firms and one of the first husband and wife legal practices in Christchurch. Over the past three decades, the firm has accumulated a significant client base, many of whom we have connections with going back over decades. The firm recovered from the loss of Andrew and the Earthquakes in 2011, and continues to provide quality legal services at competitive rates.

Our Staff

Juenith McIntosh

Juenith McIntosh Portrait

Juenith McIntosh (LL.B) is the firm owner & currently serves as the chief legal partner of the firm. She co-founded the firm with her late husband Andrew in 1985 and ran it with him until his passing in 2011. She was born in Oamaru and graduated from The University of Otago with a Bachelor of Laws. Before founding the firm she worked in Christchurch for several years, both in the high court as well as in other legal firms.

Through her many years in the legal sector, she has become a respected lawyer within the Christchurch region. With over 30 years of experience, she offers professional and friendly legal advice and strives to provide any legal assistance required.

Colleen Blake

Colleen Blake is our legal secretary with many years experience. She has worked in other Christchurch legal firms over the years and assists with receiption duties as well as general legal matters.

Colleen Dorward

Colleen Dorward is our legal executive with many years experience. She specializes in Trust Accounting and operates the Trust Accounting software at the firm.

Suzanne Coumbe

Suzanne is employed as a legal assistant with previous legal experience in other firms. She assists with reception duties as well as general legal matters at the firm.

TengFong Pang

Teng is a qualified solicitor who is fluent in English, Mandarin and Malay. She assists with reception duties, general legal matters and is aiming to start her own practice in the future.